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No more fear of large
Sums, Subtraction,
division and multiplications

Broadbanding Brain


Developing Sharp Brain


of Self-study

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sharpen kids mind

Enhance your mental calculations and brain processing power to solve basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Expert Guidance

Our panel of experts are always ready to help you to understand the fundamentals of Abacus. Please feel free to fix time as needed and Kids can interact with expert.

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Build a smart learning habit in your child to be competitive to ready them for the arena of life. Every parents wants to see their children triumph in the competitive arena.

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Convenient & Flexibility of Learning
In this era of internet, we fuse it with learning to make you kid smarter and learn time management. Kids can plan and learn as per the convenience, repeat the learning lesson without any fear or hesitation. Attempt practise session multiple time to master the Level and Orbit of Abacus.
Easy Learning & Expert Guidance
We have made it easy to learn Abacus, which helps Kids grow in mental maths and sharpen brain in other subjects and activity. At smart e-learning, children will not have fear to miss the class or topic, Spead of teaching. We also provide guidance through our experts to set the basics.